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Razor Wire is the most preferred fencing material as they increase the deterrent factor and effectiveness of Hi- Security fences and are extensively preferred for barricading areas around Power plants, Switch yards, Petrochemical complexes, Stockyards, Steel plants, Industrial establishments, Airports, Township, Mines etc, wherever both casual as well as forced entry needs to be prevented.

Specification of Razor Wire Fencing

Razor Concertina Wire Fencing is fabricated from Continuous Punched Blade Edged Barbs on both sides of cold rolled low carbon Galvanized Steel Tape that has been mechanically clenched on to High Tensile Galvanised Spring Steel Wire .

Types Of Razor Wire
  • Shiva Engineering Company Pvt Ltd , since 1987 offers a variety of types and configurations of Razor Concertina Wire Fencing customized to enhance your perimeter Security . Razor Wire also called as Razor Barbed Wire , Razor Wire Fencing , Razor Barbed Tape , Razor Concertina Wire comes in different Barb Options like MEDIUM BARB , ULTRA BARB , HARPOON , RBT , MRBT , SRBT , RPBT , MRPBT , SRPBT , etc . The different profiles of BTO & CBT Razor Barb List including BTO-10 , BTO -12 , BTO-22 , BTO-30 , CBT- 60 & CBT -65 are also manufactured by us .
Installation Of Razor Wire
  • Razor Concertina Wire Fencing unless properly erected after applying TENSION with special Tensioning & Fixing accessories under expert supervision loses its effectiveness as a credible barrier thus affecting the end user both financially as well as not fulfilling the security requirements of the end user to its true potential.
  • Recognizing this aspect, we at Shiva Engineering Co have positioned our business to provide our clients with the best security solutions as per their needs i.e. undertaking the job on turnkey basis from fence supply to actual erection at site at competitive prices within the shortest duration possible.
    Razor Wire Fencing is the newest addition to Shiva Engineering Co’s long list of favorites which include, Concertina Coil , Barbed wire, chain link fencing, and Concertina Razor Wire . Manufactured on our new, state of the art equipment at our factory near Kolkata , we have developed a whole new level in terms of versatility and strength. You really can specify your own configurations as per your security threat .
    Razor Wire is a superior security barrier for perimeters and critical infrastructure assets, such as Oil stations, Industrial Stores and chemical plants, and even for nuclear power plants, prisons, water treatment plants, railroad facilities, bridges and many other locations .