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PVC Coated Chain Link Fence manufactured by Shiva Engineering Co Pvt Ltd , is one of the most popular types of fence on the market suitable for most surroundings. , PVC Coated Chain Link Fence shows better outlook than silver galvanized chain-link. It has been a decorative element for your yard, house or commercial places. There are a lot of innovative ideals in adding attractiveness to chain link fence, like growing veggies up the fence. PVC coating to zinc-coated steel wire adds an extra protective layer compared with typical galvanized chain fence. It has much better performance in resisting various kinds of corrosion from rain, weathers and other surroundings.

PVC Coated Chain Link Fence Fabric is available in multiple types of wire gauge, sizes of mesh and heights for different applications including yard fence, commercial fencing, security fencing, sport tennis fencing, etc

PVC Coated Chain Link Fence comes in black, green, brown and white color. In contrast with galvanization, PVC-coating provides better performance in improving appearance and corrosion and rust resistance. It is just for this reason color-coated chain link fence is increasingly applied by more and more customers. You can find them in residential garden, yard and commercial park, business area and athlete fields.

Specification of PVC Coated Chain Link Fencing

  • Item High Tensile Core Wire
  • Material Extremely Difficult to Cut
  • Wire gauge No Secondary use – Averting Theft
  • Size of mesh Easy Installation
  • Color Neat Appearance
  • Selvage knuckle or twisted.
  • Height Upto 4.00 Mtrs

Advantages of PVC Coated Chain Link Fencing

  • Superior corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and high durability
  • Woven diamond mesh opening provides both visibility and security
  • Flat and smooth surface, sturdy construction and great overall performance
  • Excellent resistance to sudden temperature changes
  • Eco–friendly, non–toxic and non–radiation
  • Easy & quick installation and maintenance free