S.E.C.P.L is the Oldest Manufacturer & Exporter of Concertina Coils in India , offering Best Price of Rs 120 Per R.M . Call:+919433001936 for Latest Specifications of Concertina Coil Fencing with instant quote .

CONCERTINA COIL is the most preferred commonly used fencing material to increase the deterrent factor and effectiveness of Hi- Security fences. From Moderate to ULTRA-MAXIMUM Security Requirements ,Shiva Engineering Co offers a variety of types and configurations of Concertina Coil Fencing customized to enhance your perimeter Security

Concertina Coil is the amalgamation of galvanized Punched Barbed Tape combined with the High Tensile Spring Steel core wire, to form continuous spirals which are clipped together at various intervals with heavy duty clips. These coils are collapsable for transportation, and then expanded and fastened for use. Concertina Coils are also known as Concertina Barbed Wire, Razor Concertina Wire , Concertina Coil Fencing , Punched Tape Concertina Coil (PTCC), Concertina Razor Coils .

Concertina Coil is manufactured in SECPL in variety of Options such as RBT , MRBT , SRBT , RPBT , MRPBT , SRPBT , ULTRA BARB , HARPOON etc . We also manufacture different types of BTO & CBT sizes like BTO-10 , BTO -12 , BTO-22 , BTO-30 , CBT- 60 & CBT -65.

SHIVA ENGINEERING CO ,KOLKATA is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Manufacturer in regard to the manufacturing and processing of Stainless Steel / G.I Concertina Coil. Manufactured in our new, state of the art equipment at our factory near Kolkata , SECPL takes Concertina Coil Fencing to a whole new level in terms of versatility and strength.

The Strength of Concertina Coil is due to the presence of Heavy Duty ā€œjā€ clips , which is used for the shaping of the concertina coil. This heavy duty clip is manufactured to have a thickness of 1.40 mm and an overall length of 30 mm, and is available in either galvanized or stainless steel. This clip, once fastened to the razor wire, requires a force of approximately 100 kgf before showing signs of opening, making it very difficult to remove, even with specialized tools.

A tough fence, Concertina Coil nearly double the breaking strength of conventional Barbed Wire, able to withstand the strain of pressure and scuffing exerted against it by Intruders . Unlike conventional barbed wire, Concertina Coil has a better resistance against outdoor elements including all types of Intrusions .